Casa Doe

Allow me to introduce: John Doe!

You might know me under the aliases of ‚Average Joe‘, or ‚John Smith‘. I am the guy next door, the everyman. It’s nice that you’ve come to visit. Welcome to ‚Casa Doe‘!

The advantage of being an average guy is that everybody cares about what you think. Companies constantly ask me if I think this is better or that is better, if I like a certain advertizement, or what products or services I think will be the ‚next big thing‘. I think it’s interesting; and aside from that I do get a bit of extra money!

Of course I can’t do it alone. As an average guy I have to rely on the advice of my many friends to formulate an opinion on any topic. And this is where YOU come in to the picture.

I invite you, along with me and my other friends, to answer questions that different companies have asked.

Join us at Casa Doe!

It’s really simple: You register with Casa Doe and get invitations to research projects via e-mail. For every survey you complete, you’ll receive a reward. The longer the survey the greater the reward. This includes online surveys, telephone interviews, product tests – however you’d like.

It doesn’t cost you anything and all participation is voluntary. Just the way you like it.