Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here you can find FAQs about Casa Doe, and answers to them. Let’s begin with the most important answers:

    • Registration and participation do not cost anything.
    • Most surveys pay between .50 and 3 BP.
    • Participation is always voluntary – there’s no mandatory participation.
    • Your answers will be used anonymously and only for statistical purposes.
    • Your personal data will not be provided to any third party.

What is Casa Doe?

Casa Doe is a website where individuals can earn money from by participating in market research surveys. This mostly involves online surveys, but also telephone interviews, participating in moderated forums, product testing, and/or secret shopping. The participants are invited to take part in studies and can do so voluntarily, as much as or as little as they like, or as time allows. They’re also free to not participate. They will be compesated for their participation with funds transfered to their Casa Doe account. The amount of this payment depends of the length and type of survey, but also on the profile of the participant. It can be redeemed via PayPal or in the form of Amazon vouchers.

How does the process go, once I have registered?

      1. You register with Casa Doe.
      2. You then receive an email from us with a confirmation link. You follow this link to confim with us and to show us that this is the correct email address for you. (Please note: If you do not receive an email from us, we recommend checking your spam folder).
      3. You can now log in with Casa Doe by using your email address and your password and fill out a profile questionnaire. This lets us know what types of surveys you are interested in and what we can invite you to participate in. You don’t receive money for filling out your profile, but you will be invited to participate in more and rather high-paid surveys.
      4. As soon as a survey that matches your profile is ready for you, you will receive an email with an invitation to participate in the survey. The link in the email will lead you directly to the survey page; and that’s where it all begins.
      5. The online survey will first check if you are right for this particular questionnaire. This is due to the fact that certain questionnaires have specifc requirements to its responders. The more that we know about you from your profile, the more often you’ll be approved by the questionnaire.
      6. You should fill out the survey as carefully and truthfully as possible.
      7. After the completion of the study the payment will be transferred to your Casa Doe account where you can redeem it as soon as you earned 10 BP.

What is PayPal?

www.paypal.co.ukis a website where one can register with a personal email address and bank account information to receive payment for online transactions.
Please note that, in order to receive payment, you must register with Casa Doe with the same email account that you have registered with at PayPal (it is possible to have multiple email addresses at PayPal).
As soon as you have earned 8 BP, you can claim your PayPal-voucher. The vouchers will remain valid for a period of 24 months. After that they expire.

How much money will I receive for a survey?

The payment depends (among other factors) on the length of the survey.
And, if the survey has special requirements that apply only to certain individuals and groups (for example: mothers that purchase a certain baby formula), then the payment will be more than the typical payment. Therefore it is important to that you fill in as much information in your profile as possible. There is no payment for filling in your profile questionnaire in great detail, but it will result in you being selected more often for surveys that fit you and that are likely to be better paid for. In addition to this, there are also occasionally telephone studies, or also the opportunity to be invited to participate in discussion rounds. With these the payments range from 2 to 50 BP.

What topics are covered in the surveys?

The surveys are completely different. They can be about subjects such as cars, clothing, travel, TV, advertizement, groceries and supplies, etc. If you’re not interested in a certain topic, no problem: If you simply don’t want to complete a particular survey, it will not affect you negatively. We will invite you to participate again!

What will happen with my personal data?

Your personal data, such as email address, cell phone number or answers to the questions in your personal profile will absolutely be handeled with the utmost care. Your data will not be stored in connection to any of the surveys and will not be given to any third party.

What will happen with the answers that I give to survey questions?

The answers will remain anonymous and will be used only for market research purposes. The results will not be connected to you as a person, but rather used in the form of statistical results (for example: ‚61% of all people in London use an LCD TV.‘)

How old do I need to be to participate in Casa Doe?

Anyone 18 years of age (or older) may register. Young people, ages 14 to 17, will need to have permission from their parents. This can be faxed to us or sent by (e)mail. Once this permission form has been received, we will allow the young person to begin the registration and be invited to participate in surveys.

Are all surveys with Casa Doe online?

When you register you can choose what type of study you’d like to be invited to do. The most survey invitations are online, but there are also telephone surveys, discussions in online forums, product tests that can be shipped to your home, as well as surveys that can be texted to your cellular phone. We always try to provide the most diverse and interesting surveys.

I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do?

If you’ve forgotten your password, simply click on ‚Forgot password‘ in the ‚Login‘ section in order to set a new password. During this process a security code will be sent to you. After a couple minutes check your email inbox, or your spam folder in case you do not find the message in your inbox. The email with the security code will be sent from admin@citindex.com and you have to insert it on the website in order to set a new password (the security code is not your password) :).

I can’t log in! What should I do?

        1. Try using a different browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer version 8 or higher). If that now works, then the problem lies with your browser you previously used. (There are occasionally problems with Safari, especially when ‚3rd party cookies‘ are ‚not allowed‘ in your settings).
        2. Perhaps an inapplicable password has been automatically filled in because you have used it for a site other than Casa Doe. It’s helpful in the security settings of your browser to clear out the cache and delete cookies.
        3. If you are still having problems, click on ‚Login‘ and go to the ‚Forgot password‘ function to have a new password sent to you. After a few minutes check your inbox (and spam folder if you do not find the message in your inbox).
        4. If you still are unable to log in, send me an email via the contact form. I will look into the issue – it would be my pleasure!

How can I delete my account and my data?

Delete? Really? That’s a shame.
It can be done like this: You log in and you are right in the ,Profile‘ section.
At the bottom right you have the option, ‚Close account‘. Your account will no longer be in use and your data will be deleted right after all projects will be closed you are/were connected with.

If we’ve done something wrong or one of the surveys of our clients has disturbed you in some way, please suggest to me ways I can make amends and improvements.

How can I change the email address that I registered with?

It can be done like this: You log in, then click on ‚Your profile‘, then on ‚Update profile‘. Here you can change your email address as well as your password.

Why, shortly after starting a survey, do I get a message stating that a sufficient amount of people have already taken part?

When we are required to forward a completed survey on, we always reserve a few days for it. Therefore we will only invite the necessary number of people to complete surveys that we require. The surveys will be available to those who respond to the invitation the soonest, and those that we know (from their profiles) will fit well with the desired focus group. As soon as the number of respondents of a certain profile is reached, the survey will no longer accept additional participants.

Why was my survey canceled shortly after answering a few questions?

Sometimes it takes a few answered questions before is gets clear that sufficient participants with profiles similar to yours have already taken part.This happens because we most often invite specific groups to participate (for example 25 smokers of the brand Merit or Pall Mall between the ages of 20 and 30). Through your profile we probably already know that you are a smoker, but not necessarily your brand of choice. Therefore we need a few questions before we know if you will be appropriate for this target group. In order to avoid this at the beginning of a survey, you should fill in as much information as possible in your profile questionnaire.

Why am I not getting any invitations?

This really should not be the case. Make sure to check your spam folder. Perhaps Casa Doe emails are being recognized as spam. In this case you should mark the addresses admin@cintindex.com and kontakt@casa-doe.com as trusted senders or list these addresses in your address book.

How often can I participate in surveys, or how often will I be invited to do so?

During registration you can choose how often you’d like to receive invitations to participate in surveys. You should not participate too often in surveys, because this may alter your response behavior, effectively making your answering of surveys like a routine. There are rules of market- and social-research organizations that require specific time periods between surveys.
In order to be invited to participate as often as possible, you should keep the information in your profile as accurate and current as possible. Because specific participants are often desired, and if we know, that you, for example, have just become a father (and we’re looking for such participants), you’ll be the preferred person to invite.